The Screw Grabber is a transparent rubber sleeve that slides onto screwdrivers to hold a variety of screw sizes to the end of a screwdriver. You will never drop a screw again!

The ribbed head interior keeps screws strait while the interior taper adjusts for a wide variety of screw head sizes. The ribbed shaft interior was designed to have constant contact with the drivers shank.

Usage is simple. Take your screwdriver and slide the sleeve onto the end of the shank. The interior is tapered, so simply adjust the depth to fit the screw head size. Next, insert the screw head into the grabber.

We will be producing the Screw Grabber in two sizes. We've measured every screwdriver that we could find. We found that with these two sizes of Screw Grabbers we were able to fit the widest range of common screwdrivers and screws.

The above diagram details out which shank diameters will work with which size Screw Grabber. The four internal linear ribs were designed to make contact with different shank shapes so it easily works with hex and slot drivers.

These are the sizes and shapes that we can comfortably say work the best when we tested the Screw Grabber. This range covers nearly all standard size screws found in the household or construction site.

We are very proud to be producing the Screw Grabber in the USA using recycled materials. The manufacturer is local which was important to me so I can work closely with them to ensure that we produced the best tool possible.

With the Screw Grabber the versatility is a great feature, whether you are working with stainless steel screws on your boat,assembling furniture or working on your computer. Screw Grabber can help with your projects.